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Suzanne Daigeler
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Suzanne Daigeler portraitSuzanne Daigeler


La Borne
18250 Henrichemont
Tel: 02 48 26 75 30

I originate from Germany and arrived in La Borne about 30 years ago, drawn by the possibility of wood-firing, and I was taken immediately by the special friendly atmosphere of this village.
My first kiln was a small anagama of 2m3, a longtime companion which was faithful and demanding, although with time it was less and less suited to my output of decorated stoneware.
Later, experiments with light and colour drew me to glazed earthenware, with its fun everyday crockery and one-off pieces made up of slabs of clay. I like the fact that a functional container can become a decorative piece.

 Alongside these I also make salt-glazed stoneware, using the wood-fired kiln behind the exhibition centre.




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