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Corinne Decoux
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Corinne Decoux

Corinne Decoux


109 rue du commerce
18300 Saint Satur
Tel.: 06 15 04 25 34


Born on 30 April 1953 in Sancerre (18300).
Wood firing at 1300°C in a Sèvres kiln.
My main procedure is to strive for adventure in my work.
At the origins of the earth emptiness and the cocoon merge, one into the other, forming a whole and coming from the same source. Creation.
So I imagine, accepting invisible data, all without the least restriction.
This earth which takes a pose, which attributes important to itself.
My gesture dreams out loud, it forms within me a sort of instinctive reverence.
Then the scene expands. We are already in the shape dumbfounded and simple-minded…

The piece commences.
Just the distance between the work and the firing exists, this ritual…
Trying to guess, the craving that starts again each time...




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