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Geneviève Gay
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Geneviève Gay portraitGeneviève Gay


Les Potiers- 18220 Morogues
Tel: 02 48 64 22 64
Email: gaygenevieve001@ozone.net
Website: www.giteceramique.blogspot.fr

Techniques Used:

Raku, modelling

Bourges School of Fine Arts
Masters in Visual Arts
Internship with Haguiko
Simple squares of clay torn from the edge of words stolen from itself, a miracle, a debacle, and sensitive enigmas emerging…..

Geneviève Gay received her training in fine arts at the Beaux-Arts school of Bourges in the ceramics department (headed by Jacqueline Lerat and Michel Lévêque). This is where she discovered a way of working using paper and collage as well as moments of poetry akin to automatic writing, alongside ceramic materials and the expressivity of firing Raku. Her current works brings together clay, writing and moments of poetry.
When she is modelling her unique pieces, her aim is to retain certain traces of their shaping, to erase and glide over others, so that when she glazes them she captures the motion of writing which emerges out of the material and arranges itself.
All her marks, scratches and strokes become fossilised by fire as a chunk of captured moments.
Emanating from this work there is poetry in the fringing, the tearing, the fragility and the incomplete, all expressed in a refined, subtle manner. The writing makes holes in the darkness, pushing back its limits, humanising it.
She organizes weekly courses (September to June) in Bourges
Summer internships in Morogues


Sales locations:

  • La Borne Store: open Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and throughout French school holidays.
    1, Route de la Chapelotte, La Borne
    3 pm to 6 pm (winter) / 3 pm to 6.30 pm (mid-season) / 3 pm to 7 pm (high season)

  • “Pierre de Lune”
    Place de l'Eglise
    18330 Nançay



Photos : Pascal Vangysel



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