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Jérôme Hirson
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Jérôme Hirson Jérôme Hirson


Les Saulots
18240 Savigny en Sancerre
Tel.: - 06 08 21 73 05


I followed a professional training course in ceramics from June 2008 to February 2009 with Dauphine Scabert from the Terres Est-Ouest studio in Lain (Yonne).
I set up my own studio in April 2010, and have been a member of the Ceramics Association of La Borne since 2012.
My work can be identified by its irregularities and imperfections. My pieces are defined by their purity and their spontaneity.
When we look at a piece of pottery or a ceramic work, if it has been made with sincerity, we should be able to see the personality, the character of the person who made it.
That’s why I basically use the techniques of hand-modelling as this enables me to stay humble in relation to the Clay and to merge with it, mind and body.

Jérôme Hirson



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