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Contenir le vent
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Brigitte MarionneauBrigitte Marionneau


15, La Rongère
18220 Parassy
Tel.: 00 33 (0)2 48 64 36 70
mobile: 00 33 (0)6 69 98 84 70
Webmail: www.bmarionneau.fr
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Brigitte Marionneau
Containing the wind

‘Containing the wind’ is about embarking in another direction. Recent pieces are chunkier and more sculptural, marrying the strength of a new artistic area of work with the constant basic principles which feed into the ceramist’s work. These include the relationship with the body, issues with form, the exploration of black and white and the marriage of the physical and the invisible.

In certain architecture, the luminous black of basalt or ebony can serve to provide an extremely simplified reading of form, lending it its own intensity. Is it a cradle or a miniature tomb of an ancient Egyptian god, the recumbent head of a long-forgotten hero or a rock that arose from the very first? The mystery of these dense volumes, closed in on themselves, cannot be breached. There is a hidden life running through them, and the opaque mass attracts and seduces in the same way an enigma does. Slight furrows - is this a human or a geographical topography? - create waves on the surface of this skin/clay, just as does the couple’s hair in Brancusi’s ‘The Kiss’, bringing life to the monolith. The contrast between the different levels, alternating between smooth and textured, also contributes to animating the whole.
No matter how plain it may be, in Brigitte Marionneau’s work lines are never hard or dead. Quite the opposite, they are touched by a vibrant firmness, a breath, betraying the ceramist’s constant desire to elevate the material to the heavens.

Pascale Nobécourt , Journalist
Extract, September 2016 – ‘Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste’ Catalogue, Toucy, Yonne



Photos: Pascal Vangysel



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