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Nadia Pasquer
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Nadia Pasquer


Nadia Pasquer
4, place de l'église
18220 Morogues
Tel.: 00 33 (0)2 48 64 89 92

Through their theme which evokes the spatial universe, Nadia Pasquer’s polished,smoked clays take ceramics away from the notions of durability, stability and heaviness that are normally associated with it.  This move towards lightness, different balances and directional uncertainties can be seen in the baseless form, in a simplified but well thought-out work process. Modelling with the fingertps, smoking in individual, ephemeral sawdust kilns that produce clouds in which brown is mixed with black. Surface perforations which ensure the continuity of the infernal and external spaces, polishing to create metallescence and light. These works reflect a very modern expression of immateriality.


Photos: Anne Solange Gaulier


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