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Claude Voisin
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Claude Voisin portraitClaude Voisin


13, rue des acacias
Tel.: 02 48 20 32 33

Having spent 3 years working in experimental theatre, jazz dance and African dancing, and over 30 years in architecture, Claude Voisin started to face up to clay and made up for lost time in the year 2000. The substance started to fascinate him more and more, and occasional experiments were no longer enough. In 2005/2006 he decided to build a workshop and a Raku kiln and to let himself be completely taken over by this experimentation. He feels the need to undertake a variety of experiments, he is greedy for new discoveries, and this leads him to be constantly researching and pursuing new emotions.

“Exploring clay in all its states, with no restrictions and prejudices, moving towards simple, sensitive expression. Clay needs to move, clay needs to dance, to show its life, reveal its pliability, tenderness and sensuality. Clay must also reveal its strength, roughness, depth and serenity. Watching clay while you are working it, pursuing what it can tell you, a special moment, a crossroads of the imagination, of dialogue and exchange between clay and human”.

Claude Voisin




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