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Grands feux 2016
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Office de Tourisme des Hautes Terres en Haut Berry
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Exhibitions taking place at the Ceramics Centre during the Grands Feux event.
Entrance 3 €

> J'ai rêvé le goût de la brique pilée

Natsuko Uchino
J'ai rêvé le goût de la brique pilée

> Chansons de gestes

Karine Bonneval
Chansons de gestes

> The 66 ceramists of the ACLB

The 66 ceramists of the ACLB

Ben Bornéo

DJ Event Saturday 29 October 9 pm in the ‘Salle des fêtes’ in La Borne.
We have chosen our favourite DJ Ben Bornéo to close the week with a festive atmosphere and bring together all of the people who have taken part in the week.

This event is supported by

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GRANDS FEUX : 22 - 30 OCTOBER 2016

Grands FeuxSince 1977, the Ceramics Association of La Borne and the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne have regularly been offering events allowing visitors to have the unique experience of being present at wood firings in a kiln. These are special moments for sharing. This year our event will bring together 15 kilns and thirty or so ceramists who will be carrying out firings from 22 to 30 October 2016. They look forward to helping you discover the art of fire. Take a stroll round the village and the surrounding area, and make a stop to visit the ceramist of your choice. There will be other activities on offer to the public in the course of this week. There will be encounters with the earth, culture and creation, film shows, conferences, round table events, workshops, demonstrations presented by professionals, children’s events and an evening of musical festivities on the Saturday evening.



Point your cursor on the underlined names to find out the programme for each kiln
  • Eric Astoul, Justin Dutel, Audrey Barbes, Margherita Lindner, Ayaka Iwabu, Maria Newman, Louis Mangin.
  • Nicole Crestou, Stéphane Dampierre,
    Josiane Chevalier, Jean Chauveau, Sophie Buquet, Elisabetta Overdevest, Marianne, Roubaud, Pierre Jaggi, Jacques Laroussinie.
  • Dalloun
  • Frans Gregoor
  • Svein Hjorth-Jensen, Ovind Tingleff, Gunnar Thorsen, Birgit Knüpfer, Martine Coulloud.
  • Chantal Magne, Jacques Laroussinie, Céline Alfroid-Nicolas, François Maréchal, Christine Limosino-Favretto, ­Bernadette Stokwielder, Nirdosh Petra van Heesbeen.
  • Dominique Legros Philippe Potyralla, Jocelyne Godelle, Julie Nachajska, Brigitte Cloiseau, Laure Guichard.
  • Elisabeth Meunier
  • Lucien Petit and David Whitehead,
    Machiko, Christophe Léger, Anthony Bourahli.
  • Charlotte Poulsen, Caterina Sciancalepore, Alberto Bagetto, ­Marie-Christine Chevreau, Remy Pastor, ­Anne-Marie Kelecom, Fabienne Claesen, Bernard David.
  • Sylvie Rigal
  • Hervé Rousseau and Isabelle Pammachius
    Kevin Lips, Nanouk  Ann Pham, Johan Creten, Natsuko, et J.Hirson.
  • Nicolas Rousseau and Maya Micenmacher-
    , Eti Goren, Delphine Barbry,
    Jérôme Hirson, Laure Sulger, Anne Reverdy.
  • Jean-Pol Urbain, Michèle Levi, Jacques Lamarre, Jacques ­Dumery, Valérie Ceulemans.
Lucien Petit and David Whitehead
 - Firing: Monday 24 October to Thursday 27 October

Justin DutelAudrey Barbes

Eric Astoul
 - Firing: Saturday 22 October to Sunday 23 October
- Exhibition in the gallery 22 October to 30 October: Justin Dutel et Audrey Barbes
- Exhibition in the studio 22 October to 30 October: Margherita Lindner, Ayaka Iwabu, Maria Newman
Frans Gregoor
- Filling the kiln: Sunday 30 October

Jean-Pol Urbain : Salt kiln at the Ceramics Centre
 - Filling the kiln: Friday 21 October
- Firing: Saturday 22 October
- Emptying of the kiln Monday 24 October

Nicolas Rousseau and Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau
- Firing from Sunday 23 (9 am) auto Monday 24 October (5 pm).
- Emptying of the kiln Saturday 29 October from 11 am.

Hervé Rousseau and Isabelle Pammachius
- Firing the noborigama kiln from Monday 24 to Friday 28 October.

Sylvie Rigal
Please note that there will be no firing taking place in this kiln.
- Construction of a wood-fired train kiln in Sens Beaujeu.
From Tuesday 25 to Sunday 30 October 2016.
Possibility of taking part, trainees welcome when booked in advance
Tel.: 02 36 66 20 89

Charlotte Poulsen
- Firing 28 to 30 October
- Performance by one of the guests: Rémy Pastor (painter, La Borne)
Creation of a piece in the course of several days. Medium to be confirmed: a large cotton sheet, a green tarpaulin, or any other medium.
This performance may end up with the decoration of the kiln during firing, and possibly other guests invited by Charlotte becoming involved.

Elisabeth Meunier
Please note that there will be no firing taking place in this kiln.
- Construction and dismantling of kilns.
-  Visit to a kiln, photos, video.
- Exhibition

Dominique Legros
- Firing using the gallo-roman kiln on Saturday 22 October
- Emptying of the kiln Monday 24 October

Chantal Magne
Chantal Magne - Small firing: Sunday 23 October from 4 pm

Firing: Monday 24 October
- Exhibition featuring those who have taken part in the firing in the large display window at the Magne workshop.
- Foreign teapots : Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12.30 pm.
Making and decorating teapots carried out by 2 Dutch specialists: Nirdosh Petra van Heesbeen and Bernadette Stokwielder.
After each demonstration, a celebratory tea will be served
Emptying of the kiln Friday 28 October from 3.30 pm
Svein Hjorth-Jensen
- Firing from Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 October.

- Firing of terra sigillata (clay containing granules of hard clay) in a bottle kiln (takes around 12 hours ):
Sunday 23 October from 9 am.
- Emptying of the kiln Tuesday 25 October at 2.30 pm

Nicole Crestou

- Firing Sunday 23 October from Midnight to the following Midnight
- Emptying of the kiln Saturday 29 October from 10 am
- Exhibition of the work of guest ceramists
- Animal modelling workshop
Tuesday 25 October: 2-4 pm
Wednesday 26 October: 10 am to 12 noon
Wednesday 26 October: 2 -4 pm
Price: 15 Euros pour 2 hours
With Nicole Crestou in Morogues
Tel: 06 22 05 49 02

At the studio: demonstration and beginners sessions upon request (free of charge)
Monday 24to Saturday 29: 2-5 pm


Three ceramists offer you the chance to discover their skills.
Constructing large pots
23-24-25 October from 2 pm
Throwing distorted porcelain pieces
Thursday 27 October: from 2 pm
Throwing large-scales pieces
Thursday 27 and Friday 28 octobre from 2 pm to 4 pm.
* Free of charge, no reservation necessary
Bowls to be glazed and fired with Dalloun, J.-P. Urbain and F. Maréchal.
26-27-28 October
** A fee is charged, no reservation necessary.

stage Charlotte poulsen


Animal Sculpture: 4 days
20-23 October: 315 €
Throwing on the wheel: 3 days
28-30 October: 240 €
*** Reservation necessary


The projection of short films about ceramics on several days in the week.
24-25-26-27-28 October.


> Peter Callas

His collaboration with Peter Voulkos from 1979 to 2002.
Projection of a short film: Voulkos "The Lost Tapes".

Sunday 23 october: 2 pm
> Round Table
‘« Polycultures céramiques »’
Conference run by external speakers from different backgrounds.
Monday 24 Octobre 6 pm.

> Johan Creten
As part of his artist in residence in La Borne:
conference, slide show.
Friday 28 october: 6 pm


> ‘Journée récréa-terre’
A day-long course for children to start ceramics in a friendly atmosphere with our presenter. They will make and decorate an object.
Tuesday 25 October from 11 am to 4 pm.
Price: 40 €
Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne
Tel. : 02 48 26 96 21

> Animal modelling workshop
Tuesday 25 October: 2 – 4 pm
Wednesday 26 October: 10 am to 12 noon Thursday 26 October: 2 – 4 pm
Price: 15 € for 2 hours
With Nicole Crestou in Morogues
Tel : 06 22 05 49 02

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