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An exhibition of Johan Creten
With Lucien Petit, Hervé Rousseau
and six traditional Japanese ceramists ceramics

To explore the possibilities of wood firing, the mystery of ashes and the rustic strength of the region, but also to take a break from the wild, frantic rhythm of the capitals of art: such were Johan Creten's motivations when he spontaneously responded to the program offered by the Résidences La Borne as soon as they opened.

Curious to acquaint himself with the production knowledge and techniques of many different places, Johan Creten has matured in his artistic expression through the journeys and residencies he has undertaken throughout his career. In the same state of mind, curious to continuously develop his aesthetic language, the artist jumped at the opportunity proposed by Résidences La Borne. Through frequent visits to gatherings at the ceramics centre center, the artist met the ceramists of the region and shared his work with them and with the public. In particular, he began to work with two ceramists: Hervé Rousseau, for the tranquil strength of his forms, the brutality of his gestures and the beauty of his firings, and Lucien Petit, whose perpetual questioning he admires, along with the rich surfaces of his objects.

Interested in the role traditionally assigned to the base plinth, Johan Creten has imagined ensembles of works that challenge its classic positioning. At La Borne, he has designed multi-faced supports intended for the new anthropomorphic sculptures of his emblematic series: Waves and Odore di Femmina.
In response to this fruitful dialogue between forms, the ceramists experimented with different firing techniques on their pieces, working on the positioning of the objects in the kiln, and the effects of ash glazes. The experiment revealed a wealth of results that will be interesting to pursue and enrich through new explorations of firing, to refine the variety of nuances achieved in the process.
For the exhibition Miroir Parlant (Speaking Mirror), Johan Creten creates the conditions for a dialogue between his creations and rare and important pieces, six historic Japanese ceramics from his collection, produced in several traditional large kilns like those of Tokoname and Shigaraki. In this context, he has invited the specialist Christine Shimizu, author of multiple publications on the subject, to come and speak about this Japanese art.


5:00 PM, "Stoneware of Japan, functions and aesthetics", conference lecture with by Christine Shimizu, honorary heritage curator, followed by a discussion.
Christine Shimizu was curator of the National Museum of Asian Art - Guimet in Paris (responsible for the museum’s collection of Japanese art) from 1978 to 1993, then chief curator of the National Museum of Ceramics in Sèvres, in charge of the collections of Asian and Islamic ceramics from 1993 till 2010. Finally, from 2011 to 2015, she was director and general heritage curator of the Cernuschi Museum of Asian Art of the city of Paris.


Exhibition from 14 October to 21 November 2017
Private Viewing of the Exhibitions Saturday 14 October from 6.00 pm to 9 pm.
Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm.


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