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Philippe Dubuc
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With tenderness and much love, Philippe Dubuc caresses the round, chunky lid of a cylindrical pot. The glaze is stroked with voluptuousness and sensuality. In the material you can feel the intensity of the work, and yet with such apparent ease! Philippe Dubuc is as simple and likeable as his glazes and the shapes that receive this beautiful covering layer, which is as lovely as a picture. Philippe Dubuc is a painter, one who puts his works into the fire, as he so nicely puts it.[...]

His vases are always basically shaped from assembled plates, and his pots are inspired by grapes, the tumescence of the bunches, unplanned ovoid shapes bursting accidentally, some close together, others not, alone or bunched like bubbles in a sea of lava looking passive and calm, but stressed and nervous. These botryoidal shapes, taken from the Greek meaning bunched, have been appropriated and tamed by Philippe Dubuc to be used to create his refined, delicate volumes. All this blistering bring a lot of surprises to the regard which seeks a generalised shape from the unexpected turmoil. The element of surprise is not just in the shapes; they also receive a generous layer of beautiful, delicate, deep glaze. Philippe Dubuc loves glaze and he is particular vigilant with it, ready to fire and re-fire it, using the kiln to create different oxidations, layering glazes having sanded them between each new covering. Within the thicknesses of the glaze he secretes signs that he traces with a sponge, just simple sponges that he tortures with a razor blade.
Using a brush, he works with paraffin as if it were Indian ink building up layers and applying, three four, five, six layers which will play and shrink giving to the substance, its reliefs and torments open fissures onto secrets. He cuts up polyurethane to steal their shadows. He uses balls to deform his vases by agonizing. Playing with form and symbols, he creates a whole world of volumes and designs, interlacing that this gardener seems to have pulled out of the earth itself. He is both a sculptor and a painter, draftsman and chiseller; also a colourist using subtle shades of soft blues, blackish-browns, browns and golds. These can sometimes be dark and solid or soft and airy.
Philippe Dubuc sows a host of symbols into his glaze. The eye moves between the worked form, the colours which are highly wrought, the meaningful designs, and onto the quality of the glaze, almost an object in itself, just like the veil of the ocean that can reveal or protect the deep life of seaweeds and sea animals.

Jean-Yves Méreau

Exhibition from 22 July to 29 August 2017
Private Viewing: Saturday 22 July from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Open every day from 11 am to 7 pm.


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